Afternoon at Jason Harbour

After a rough sail from Moltke Harbor, it was wonderful to touch land at Jason Harbour. The air was moist and soft and the land looked and felt much like Scotland. We had to hop and leap from one tussock pad to another, often finding ourselves stranded by puddles and little lakes. It reminded me of a child's board game- Move ahead two spaces- Oh no! Lose your turn! You must go back three spaces! This is my favorite King penguin that had found a quiet place all by himself and was standing there for the longest time just looking at the sea. I laid down in the grass with my telephoto lens and shared the afternoon with him.The other photo is of the Explorer finally at rest in a safe harbor with a penguin looking on. I found the penguins always to be looking at the ship, and I always wondered what they might be thinking. 

This was one of my favorite stops on the journey.