A rough night and morning at sea

While we had lucked out crossing Drake's Passage- we finally met out match in some very rough seas and the Explorer made for the quieter waters of Moltke Harbor. A few brave souls made a landing here, but most of my shipmates, including me, used this morning to catch our breath and take a well deserved break from more wave riding via zodiacs. The previous night and then again in the afternoon hours, as we sailed to Jason Harbour, we ran into some pretty rough seas and the ship began to really rock and roll. Fewer and fewer people appeared for meals, and while some were able to brave the bridge to get great shots of the waves crashing over the bow, I found that to be a bit too much for my equilibrium. I was able, however, to maintain my balance and my meals sans patch and pills. My room mid-ship offered much comfort, and I actually found the rocking to be soothing at bedtime. These are views of the waves hitting my cabin window. I knew to keep my eyes on the horizon, and so I did through my cabin window, but there was also a George Clooney movie on, so I watched that too. I am not sure which helped me more. I think it probably was George! This is my Penguin pal Percy. He is posing with the ropes that were put up to help us navigate places where there were no hand rails and this is Percy posing with the barf bags that were placed throughout the ship. Our breakfast was served on damped table clothes so the dishes would stay put, and the luncheon buffet was changed to a sit down- I guess we proved to be " Buffet Challenged " in a storm.  The buffet dishes were still on the service center but tied over by ropes- it was fun to watch them go up and down and up and down. The waves would sometimes crash into the dining room windows, and then the ship would ride way up and then seem to crash down on the waves making a loud banging sound. It was a bit like a ride at an amusement park. The access doors to all outside decks were locked to keep all us amateur photographers on the ship rather than in the sea. Good Idea!