Dog Day Afternoons

Rusty Resting

Can We All Just Rest Now?     Yes, Claire, We Can!
Ear Up and Fast Asleep With Wolfie

Close-up Photography Week Four

Last Rainfall Of The Year

Evergreen Tears

Venetian Glass I
Venetian Glass II
Venetian Mask

Close- up Photography: Week Three: Alameda Marina, Alameda, CA

Blue Braid

Reflections at Cocktail Hour

Past Its Prime
Ropes at Sea? The appearance of  whale tails in the distance is, in reality, peeling paint on the dock!

Red, White, and Blue


Close-up Photography Class: Week One

Wishes of Travels to Be
Waterfall in Backyard Pool

Waiting for the Landscapers

Crystal Waters
Crystal Water's Reflection


Blackhawk Afternoon

Shoe Shopping at Blackhawk

Yellowstone in Winter

This February, I traveled with Natural Habitat Adventures for a week long journey from Bozeman, Montana to Jackson Hole, Wyoming viewing the winter vistas of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. It was an amazing adventure I shared with fourteen other travelers and my outstanding guides, Jared and Colin. Seeing our nation's first and grandest national park shrouded in snow and having the privilege to share this special place with its wildlife is an adventure I will never forget. The beauty and the majesty of Yellowstone often matched Antarctica's pristine panoramas and being able to observe wildlife in its natural state reminded me of my time in the rookeries of Antarctica. While the goal of this trip was to observe the wolves who have been reinstated in Yellowstone, our experience was varied in terms of wildlife, landscape, and nature. My adventure culminated in Jackson Hole with an Iditarod ride into the mountains. As you can imagine, the pictures of my team of dogs are my favorite, and it took all my will power to not return home with more additions to our pack.

Thermal Yellowstone

While Yellowstone was bathed in white, it was also still erupting with thermal activity as this area was once an active volcano. The winter air magnified these geological wonders and created a world of both hot and cold.


Old Faithful

Our Guide, Colin

Our Guide, Jared