Stromness Harbour

Welcome to Stromness Harbour. This is the abandoned whaling station where Shackleton and two of his men arrived after an arduous climb over the mountains and glaciers of South Georgia- hoping to find rescue for their remaining men at Peggoty Cove and Elephant Island. Exhausted and fearing they might be lost, they waited to hear the 7:00AM station whistle, knowing then they had succeeded. The white house was the station manager's house where Shackleton, emaciated, dirty, and wearing tattered clothing, knocked on the door and asked," Do you know me... I am Shackleton." It is said the station manager turned away and cried.  It would take another four months and many frustrated attempts to finally rescue his men. In the end, all that had sailed on the ill-fated Endurance survived.We were unable to approach anywhere near the station as it is now dangerous because of falling and wind blown debris. These pictures were taken from a zodiac. Later, we were able to walk in the surrounding areas, but had to be careful of the fur seals which were guarding their pups. Ships arriving later in the season, will most likely not be able to land here because the beaches will be covered with fur seals.  There where, however, some friendly elephant seal weaners around to pose for our cameras.