During our hours onshore, we witnessed only female bears. Perhaps after we left, the larger male bears made an appearance. During the day, bear tempers would flare. Once, when another female came too close to one sow's cub, mom turned and chased her while roaring a warning. The offending female quickly retreated. Protecting one's offspring is a powerful instinct and is the only time a bear will engage in a fight with a bear that is larger or more dominant. We also witnessed what seemed to be a fishing territorial dispute between one bear of brown coloring and another female of a much darker brown  In this instance, there was much growling, posturing, and finally what looked like mild wrestling. After a minute or so, the noise and brawling ceased and the two bears turned away from one another, each looking in the opposite direction. Then the lighter bear wandered off, and the dark brown bear stood up on her hind legs and looked around to get a sense once again of the fishing prospects.