Welcome to Antarctica

Welcome to my journal in which I have attempted to chronicle my twenty-five day expedition with National Geographic to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands.  For almost a month, the Explorer was my home away from home. She took me to worlds I did not know existed, and her expedition leaders and staff  taught me not only about the wealth of wildlife that abounds here; they also instilled in me a lifelong awareness of how important it is that we protect this, our planet's last wilderness . Of the 5,000 photographs I  took on this trip, this is my favorite. It shows one of my beloved chinstrap penguins standing before my second home. I will forever be grateful to National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions for opening the vastness of this world to me. Thanks also to all my fellow travelers who befriended me on this trip. Many of you took me under your more experienced travel wings and showed me the ropes, literally. It was fun sharing zodiacs, meals, and even some rough seas with you.

I hope you enjoy this journey; and, just think, you can travel without muck boots, waterproof pants, parkas, etc. These entries actually work backwards. If you want to start at the beginning in the cold and ice, scroll to the bottom and work upwards, but it doesn't really matter which way you take the trip. The end is just as spectacular as the beginning. Just enjoy- it was the trip of my lifetime, and I am happy to take you along with me.

Maureen Reschke