Port Lockroy: British Base on the Antarctic Peninsula

After a morning spent return cruising through the Lemaire Channel, we made land at Port Lockroy, the British Research Base on the Antarctic Peninsula. Set up as a base in 1944 to monitor German shipping movements,  it is now used for research and is open to visitors. After touring the museum and visiting with the staff, we made zodiac trips across the channel to other landing spots, and while we explored on land,  the National Geographic divers made their daily dive into the Antarctic waters, which were a balmy 29 degrees, bringing footage back nightly for our daily wrap-up before dinner. It was amazing to see each night the colorful sea life that exists in these cold waters.  While waiting for my zodiac ride, a sheath bill made a dive for my head. I pointed my lens up and began shooting. How I got this shot, I will never know, but it made my photographic day!