Saunders Island: The Falklands and a Desert Storm

The winds that did not arrive at Steeple Jason Island arrived in the afternoon at Saunders Island. The gusts whipped up the sands, and one felt as if they were in Arabia and not just north of Antarctica. You could hear the sand pitting against your parka and then came the sleet and rain. Most everyone headed to the zodiacs to get back to the ship for tea time, but up in the sky I noticed some blue patches. Having done a bit of sailing, I thought there was a chance for some clearing. I chose to remain and I am so glad I did. I was able to spend the rest of the day at this beautiful spot and even meet some young new chicks ( which I write about in the next section). The penguins on this island were varied. There were Magellanic( with the black and white around the eyes) the gentoo ( with the orange beaks) and the rockhoppers ( with the little crested tufts around the head). The rockhoppers nest in the rocks and do literally hop rather than waddle.