Haakon Bay: Western End of South Georgia

After two days at sea, we arrived at South Georgia, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. This island lies 900 miles south-east of the Falkland Islands. Although it is at the same latitude as Cape Horn,  it is much colder than South America as it is surrounded by chilly Antarctic waters. Wildlife resides here year round.  Captain Leif Skog and our expedition leader, Lisa, guide the ship into Haakon Bay and choose the best place for the zodiacs to begin landing. This is where Peggoty Cove lies, the place where Shackleton and five other men landed the James Caird, a 23 ft boat, after sailing 800 miles from Elephant Island in search of South Georgia and a chance for rescue at the Stromness Whaling Station. Haakon Bay was filled with wildlife: Giant petrels, Antarctic terns, seals  etc. Notice the green tussock. After so much time in the white of Antarctica, it was amazing to see green and to walk in Shackleton's footsteps.